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I've got a life to lead, a soul to feed, a dream to heed,

and that's all I need.

24 March
adventure, alias, almonds, arrested development, asia, autumn, avocados, babysitting, baking, beaches, being a bad lactose-intolerant, biking, books, bubble baths, buffy, camping, cape breton, cashews, caving, cheese, chocolate, chocolate-covered raisins, classical art history, cliff-diving, coconut-flavoured anything, criminal minds, dates, documentaries, drawing, dried cranberries, english literature, family, figs, fotc, friends, fringe, gardening, general outdoorsiness, gin, gin & ginger-ale, gin & juice, gin & tonic, ginger-ale, goofiness, grapefruits, graphic design, greek tragedies, guitar, gum, harry potter, hiking, his dark materials, home decor, hot tea, ice cream, iced tea, illustrator, improvising, indian food, inventing, ireland, jewelry, juice, kayaking, kids, knitting, korean food, leonard cohen, libraries, lost, lotr, mac, macaroons, makeup, mediterranean food, meeting new people, motorcycles, mythology, nail polish, neil young, octopus, oral hygiene, painting, peanut butter, peanut m&m's, peanuts, photoshop, popcorn, pumpkin pie, rafting, rain, reading, reupholstering, rufus wainwright, running, sailing, salmon, salsa dancing, scarves, scotland, seoul, singing (badly), six feet under, skating, skins, skydiving, snow, snowboarding, speed boats, strawberry rhubarb pie, sunshine, supernatural, sushi, sweet potatoes, swimming, symbolic logic, tall men, teaching, the beatles, the internet, the ocean in general, travelling, trivia games, tuna, van morrison, vancouver, vancouver canucks, vegetarianism, wine, word games, words, writing, x-files, yellow